Artful Sign Making


QUALITY/DETAIL/CRAFTSMANSHIP: All our work is 100% commercial grade. We do not make novelty signs. Our work has been shipped all over the US and the world. We have been in business since 2013 and all our products are still in great shape and in NO need of repair. All our work is hand fabricated by our master craftsman and co-owner Chad. Our work is boutique style with careful attention to detail. We use the highest rated parts and build our signs out of steel and aluminum. No big sign shops or new sign shops can match our quality and attention to details. We've seen it all in the past years and we know how to build all styles of signs. We DO NOT OUTSOURCE to other shops. When booking a project with another shop make sure to ask if all the work will be done in house or outsourced. This is important for quality control and the future maintenance of your sign.


WHAT STYLES OF SIGNS DO WE MAKE: We handcraft real GLASS NEON signs, Marquee channel letter signs, logo signs, back lit LED signs, marquee bulb lit signs of all styles, wooden back signs, steel back signs, doubled sided signs mounted on poles, projection arrow signs, double sided arrow signs, marquee movie theater signs, Neon, bulb and LED combo signs, "IF YOU CAN DREAM IT WE CAN BUILD IT" signs, verbiage box signs, all vintage style inspired types of signs, mobile signs for trade shows. GO to OUR WORK PAGE or our INSTAGRAM for HUNDREDS of examples. These are ALL OUR SIGNS. We don't cheat and use other's photos like some shops do. Yes, we contact other fabricators all the time to ask them to take down OUR proprietary photos. BEWARE!!


WHAT IS CHANNELING: Channeling is the metal edging around a sign or marquee letter. A marquee letter needs to scale large enough in order to support channeling. So a piece that is extremely small cannot support channeling. Contact us to discuss your unique needs and design options.


WHAT IS A RACEWAY: Some shops call it a Z-Bar.  A raceway is a bar that marquee channel letters or sign elements are mounted on for easy installation, stability and it's also a great way to hide wiring. We normally build our signs in sections on raceways for easy/safe shipping and also for quick painless installation.


WHAT IS A PROJECTION MOUNT/ PROJECTION ARM: This is a mounting arm usually used for doubled sided arrows or double sided signs when you want them to "project" off the side of a building. Our projection mounts are made of steel and are the highest quality on the market. We build our own projection mounts never outsourcing.


REAL GLASS NEON vs. FAKE NEON/LED FLEXI faux neon: We use LED technology in for many sign projects especially when back lighting a sign. We even build using the LED flexi fake neon. I'm sure you've seen ads for these signs that sell for around $100. We have made these signs in the past but they are NOT reliable and NOT REAL GLASS NEON. These cheap signs might last for two years. There is no way to repair these cheap signs. They are great for a one time party use or a kids room if you don't want to make a big investment. But REAL GLASS NEON last for 40-60 years and is a true art form. It will NEVER lose value and will probably gain value if it's an art piece of neon. DON'T BE FOOLED BY FAKE PLASTIC LED signs.


WHY IS NEON MORE EXPENSIVE: Real glass neon is a dying art form. If you can find a neon artist to build your project trust that you are getting a real piece of handmade art. All our glass is hand bent and all our bases are handmade. Expect to pay more when ordering real glass neon. It will also last for 40-60 years! And it looks SO MUCH BETTER than the fake LED (so called flexi neon).


SHIPPING OPTIONS: Some of our pieces can be shipped via FedEx Ground but most will need to be crated and shipped via freight if they are large. All NEON needs to be picked up by the client or we will have it privately delivered.

It's very difficult to calculate shipping costs until we have a better idea of final weight including crate. Also plan to budget for insurance for the shipment. We insure every single piece that leaves our building.


RUSH ORDERS: We can accommodate rush orders depending on the current number of projects on our production list and your timing needs. Please contact us to discuss your project and we can give you a better idea of timing. If we agree on a date to ship we will make sure to hit that so no need to stress.


TURN TIME: We are four to seven weeks out depending on the complexity of the project. Larger double sided marquee signage will take longer than a smaller less detailed piece. If you are going to order a large commercial piece make sure to plan for turnaround time when building your installation time line. Also note that if you are ordering NEON we will need to have a private shipper deliver and this could add time to the overall timing.


WHY CAN'T YOU COMPLETE MY PROJECT ASAP: We normally have 30-40 projects on our production list in various stages of completion. We will cut your project right after the order is placed. Then it will wait in line to complete of all our production phases.(grinding, channeling, welding, finish work, clear coat, wiring, rigging and mounting then getting ready for shipping)


FINISH OPTIONS: Our finish options are limitless. We can POWDER COAT for a long lasting durable modern finish or we can match most Pantones closely. Antiquing and hand painting with patterns are also popular offerings in our wheelhouse of finish options. These details can all be covered when we start reviewing your project details.


NEON COLORS: We have all neon colors available. Red, White, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Gold, and many many more. Check out our NEON page for more ideas.


RETURNS: We do not accept returns on custom projects. If your piece is damaged in transit then we will work with you to fix it and/or make an insurance claim. Also, if we made a mistake on a piece contact us immediately after receiving so we can rectify the situation and make sure you get what you want. Make sure to measure your space correctly because we don't accept returns on sizing mistakes. We will work with you to help figure out a solution but we will not give a refund or accept a return on a measuring mistake.


CONTACTING US: The fastest way to get in touch with questions or a custom request is through our contact page or email: .


WHY CAN'T YOU JUST TAKE MY CALL ANYTIME: It's very difficult for us to receive calls during the day. We will return your emails promptly. Send us a detailed message (always include measurement specs) about your project and attach any creative files or fonts you think are relevant to the project. We will then respond with questions and next steps. Emailing allows for a trail so we can go back and read through details if needed.


SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE USA: We absolutely ship outside the US. There are too many determining factors to list here. So please contact us with a custom request so we can discuss your unique needs. Please note when you purchase for EU and most other places in the US you will need to buy a power plug adapter and a step down transformer as are wired for 110v and use US three prong grounded plugs when not hardwiring.


ELECTRICAL: Our Sockets and wiring are all commercial grade UL verified for indoor outdoor use. The term “verified,” when used in a UL marking, means that the product has been tested and complies with one or more specific requirements. These requirements may be safety- or performance-related. Everything we build is commercial and industrial grade. We are wired for 110v so please keep this in mind when ordering from outside the US. You will need to buy a power plug adapter and a step down transformer.





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