Artful Sign Making

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Welcome to my blog. I'm a digital artist, photographer, animal activist, videographer, metal crafter, horse trainer and many other things depending on the day. I finally quit my corporate career as an ad agency pitch man in 2013 to pursue the life of an entrepreneur and small business owner.


I now have the chance to photograph and write about my passions in this blog. I'll be sharing images of my photography art projects, work projects, dog rescue, animal adventures and some of my upcoming music video shoots.


I consider myself an artist, who uses many mediums.  I use a camera to create a canvas for ideas, sometimes I use real canvas and paint and sometimes it's in the form of metal work, writing or teaching animals. Many different processes and ideas inspire me.


I hope you enjoy my musings and please send a message with any questions you might have.



Julie Ann Kirby


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