Artful Sign Making


Aligning our passions, talents and skill sets to create

Top Line Nashville Entertainment Group, TLN Functional Art

& Top Line Sign Co.



Chad being a master welder, craftsman and musician and Julie being an artist, marketer and business woman, the transition was seamless.


We design and build everything in house. Just the two of us. We don't outsource.


"It's all about being creative and using our hands. If we can design and fabricate something unique that has purpose, we've succeeded.  Artful sign making was a natural progression. Coupling our obsession for vintage and high quality hand made items, we now create what we love! And we help our clients say what they want to say and light up a space in a unique one-of-a-kind way. "

Custom Marquee Signs, Logo Signs, LED Signs, Marquee Letters,

Custom Stage Pieces, Commercial Signs, Vintage Style Signs & More


Chief was in foster care in Northern California and I fell in love when I saw his face. With the help of an old rescue friend we made a plan to fly him to Tennessee. From the first moment we saw him we were in love! He's our pack leader and family protector. The name Big Chief fits him perfectly!


Buddy We found him in the Perry County, TN Animal Control. He was about to be euthanized and we couldn't let that happen. We thought we would just foster him but then fell in love and kept him.


Bocephus (a.k.a Bo), was found in a kill shelter in South Carolina. He was around a year old and was one day from being euthanized. We got a plan together to get him pulled and transported. We kept him for a few months and fell in love. Needless to say he is still part of the pack. He's a rare slate/dilute Blue Heeler and definitely has a unique personality.


Jacky is our old Blue Heeler. He came to us as a foster but we decided to keep him and make him part of the family. He is deaf but you'd never know it. He is the best dog anyone could ever want. His life story is tragic. He is so special to us!

Just a few brands, companies, organizations, stores, restaurants/bars, TV productions, and  entertainers who we call our clients.